Introduction To e-learning Courses



Welcome to the e-learning page of Bespoke Business Training. Details of the different tyoes of courses available are provided here, along how to purchase them and the ways of logging onto a user account. . 

Why Take Courses Online?

E-learning courses offer you or your employees the best opportunity to study at your own pace and on your own device online. At a fraction of the cost of attending the course, an individual can work through each module and at the end be awarded with a training certificate that can be printed off as proof of course completion. 

Companies and organisations that purchase courses will have their own Admin Panel. From this they can assign courses to employees, track their progress in terms of modules completed, and see the scores of tests completed. . 

E-Learning Courses We Offer

The e-learning courses that we currently offer fall into these five categories:

  • Business Courses - A range of business courses are available to help improve the competencies of managers and employees in a variety of areas including Leadership, Project Management, Time Management, Delegation and Presentation Skills. All the business courses are CPD approved. Two of the business courses, Leadership Skills and Developing Teamwork are ILM approved. On completion, candidates can apply for an upgrade to an ILM accredited certificate for an extra fee. Click on the courses, or here for more details.  
  • Social Media For Business - A number of courses are available that will guide you on ways of using social media, including Linked In, Facebook and Twitter, to further enhance your business online. All of these are CPD approved.
  • Health & Safety Courses (A-I) & Heath & Safety Courses (I-W) - A large number of health and safety online training courses are available for employees to learn ways of protecting themselves, customers and the workplace environment.  All the Health & Safety Courses are approved by either the iiRSM (International Institute of Risk & Safety Management), RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), IATP (Independent Asbestos Training Providers), IFE (Institute of Fire Engineers), & CPD (Continuous Professional Development).  Three of the Food Safety courses, Level 2 Catering, Manufacturing & Retail are Gatehouse Award approved. On completion, candidates can apply for an upgrade to a Gatehouse Award accredited certificate for an extra fee. Click on the courses or here for further details.  
  • Management Training - This is a continuous online training to provide managers with the knowledge and skills to be more effective in improving employee performance to achieve results. To go straight to the website, click here:

Free Trial

If you would like to register for an account and trial the first module of courses for free, you can register here:

Your progress will be saved, so that if you do decide to buy you can continue where you left off.  

All Courses Available For Purchase

Clicking on each of the links above will take you to the course type web page, where you will find a section on each course, along with links to buy or trial a course, or download a pdf course outline.

However, if you wish to see a complete list of courses where you can also buy and trial a course, click on the link below:

Purchasing A Course/Courses

There are several ways that courses can be purchased:

  • Individual Account: You can purchase individual courses through the links to the courses above.  If there is a discount available, the code will be displayed on a banner on the website. Payment is collected through PayPal and you can use either a credit or debit card, or your own PayPal account.


  • Individual Account (Multiple courses): Discounts are available if you would like to purchase a number of courses. These can be purchased through the website using a discount code provided by Bespoke Business Training. If you prefer we can accommodate other payment methods such as bank transfer and we would set you up with your own candidate account where you will be able to access the purchased courses. Please contact us for more details.


  • Business Account: If you are a Head of Learning & Development, Training Manager or Business Owner, you may wish to buy a number of courses and assign them individually to your employees. This can be done by purchasing courses which would be allocated to a business account. You will be given your own admin panel through which you will be able to generate user-reports to monitor progress of your employees on the courses assigned. Payment will be taken via bank transfer, with increased discounts on larger orders. Please contact us for more details. 


  • Subscriptions Accounts:  In the future we hope to offer subscription facilities whereby a certain number of users can access all courses for an annual subscription that can either be paid monthly or all in one go. This method would offer the highest value for money. If this is of interest to you, please do contact us.

Candidate Log-In

If you are already signed up to one or more courses, you can log-in to them here:

Business Log-In

If you are the administrator of your business's e-learning courses with us, you can access your admin panel log-in here:

For any further information, please contact us today.