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Bespoke Business Training (BBT) is a training provider, offering Management & Leadership training courses, Staff Training courses and E-learning Training courses that focus on the key knowledge and skills managers and employees need to perform more effectively and achieve better results. As a training company, our focus is to work with you to provide training that meets the learning needs of your employees, which in turn improves their performance.

We typically work with Heads of L&D and Training Managers of companies with issues such as underperforming employees, new managers who need improved knowledge and competencies, or new technical trainers who need to know how to deliver their courses.

Contact us today to arrange for a free, no-obligation, training consultation to see how we can assist you with your training needs. You can also sign up for e-learning training courses now. 

Welcome To Bespoke Business Training

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Courses We Offer

Management & Leadership Training Courses

Management & Leadership Training Courses

Management & Leadership Training Courses

Management & Leadership Training Courses

Bespoke Business Training provide management training courses that enable managers to improve their leadership skills, along with other practical competencies needed to be an effective manager. Courses include:

Developing Effective Management Skills

Strategic Planning For Managers

Leading & Managing Change

Effective Performance Management

Leading Highly Effective Teams

Coaching & Developing Employees

Employee/Staff Training Courses

Employee / Staff Training Courses

Management & Leadership Training Courses

Management & Leadership Training Courses

Bespoke Business Training provide soft-skills training courses for employees to improve their personal skills and competencies, so that they can help their department achieve better results. Courses include:

Effective Communication Skills

Delivering Effective Presentations

Goal-Setting, Planning & Organising

Professional Business Writing Skills

Understanding and improving Emotional Intelligence

Train The Technical Trainer Course

Train The Technical Trainer Course

Management & Leadership Training Courses

Train The Technical Trainer Course

Bespoke Business Training provides a Train The Technical Trainer course to help technical trainers how to deliver their courses more effectively.  Each delegate receives practical feedback that will enable them to improve their competencies to become a better trainer. 

e-learning Courses

Bespoke Business Training offer E-learning courses for you or your employees to study at your own pace and on your own device on-line. At a faction of the cost of attending the course, an individual can work through each module of the course and at the end be awarded with a training certificate that they can print.

All the Business and Social Media for Business courses are CPD (Continuous Professional Development) approved.  All of the Health & Safety Courses are approved by either the iiRSM (International Institute of Risk & Safety Management),  RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), IATP ( Independent Asbestos Training Providers), IFE (Institute of Fire Engineers), and CPD.

Accredited Courses: Two of the Business Courses are ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) approved, Leadership Skills and Developing Teamwork. On completion, candidates can apply for an upgrade to an ILM accredited certificate. Three of the Level 2 Food Safety courses are Gatehouse Award approved,  Catering, Manufacturing and Retail. On completion, candidates can apply for an upgrade to a Gatehouse Awards accredited certificate. Click on any of the courses links for more details. 

Each of these one-on-one tutor-led online trainings can go at precisely the pace required by each person. It provides an opportunity to go over the learning material as often as required so everyone gets the best learning experience. This helps with retention and application of the training to help improve performance and results. 

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We also offer continuous Management Training through the website at effectivemanager.net.


On-Line Business Courses

How Bespoke Business Training Can Help You:

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Once You Contact Us

We will meet with you and discuss what type of issues you have, and what kind of training courses you require.

Training Needs Analysis

We will get feedback from you and also your delegates to tailor each of your training courses to your needs.

Course Creation

Designing and creating a bespoke business training course that improves the competencies of each delegate. 

Training Course Delivery

Delivering highly interactive courses, that engage and stimulate all delegates throughout the training.

Post-Course Objectives Or Assignments

Set post-course objectives or practical assignments that challenge delegates to implement aspects of the training.

Continued Support

Providing continuous consultative support for HR and Training Managers and delegates.

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